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Content and Curriculum Development

One of the key drivers behind success of Big Data Gurukul Program is its ability to provide quality content that is both Relevant and Relatable. The key strength of BDG is the expertise of its staff. Some of our senior staff members are top contributors for development of the Big data open source products. They have designed and successfully implemented Big data and Cloud solutions at multiple clients.

Their expertise, in conjunction with our training experience, has helped build content that best suits the needs of each specific consumer.

BDG Content is Relevant:

The curriculum is based on Real life experiences of our staff, Industry best practices and our student feedback. The sole object of the curriculum is to make training relevant in workplace.

We constantly strive to build content that is comprehensive as well as customized. Depending on client’s requirement, the content is customized to meet the objectives of the session. The examples and practical exercises are constantly revised to keep them relevant to current versions of the technologies.

BDG Content is Relatable:

Typical audience for BDG class could be undergrad students in India or graduate students in the US, experienced professionals, big data professionals looking for advanced courses, professionals working in different geographical locations including USA, Middle East, India and other places.

BDG, with Input from the client and our experienced trainers, has consistently delivered content/ course material that is relatable to the audience. This process has resulted in continued high feedback ratings.

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