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Blockchain training in Mumbai by Certified Blockchain Expert

By attending blockchain training you will understands and knows in-depth what Blockchain is and how Blockchain works. You can also use this knowledge to build Blockchain-based applications for enterprises.


Blockchain is the world's leading software platform for digital assets. World has started to adapt blockchain technology in various industries like insurance, governance, health, etc. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are implementation of blockchain. In near future there will be radical change in the way banking is done.

Demand for blockchain experts is skyrocketing. Companies has started to invest heavily in blockchain technology. This training will help you to stay on top of the concept and having knowledge of its implementation. There are not many people available with these skills.

Who can go for this course?

  • Engineering & Management Students
  • CEO's, Boards, and Senior VP's Entrepreneurs
  • Venture Capitalists, Angel & Seed Investors.
  • Operation Heads in Businesses
  • Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts
  • Software Engineers & Architects
  • Consultants and Professional Service Provider
  • Technology Enthusiasts
  • Government Executives
  • Security Professionals, Administrators
  • Programmers & Developers


  • Prove your Blockchain skills and understanding
  • In-depth understanding of Blockchain and its implementation
  • Implement skills to develop blockchani applicaiton


  • Self-motivated to learn in-depth Blockchain
  • Interest and awarness in cryptocurriencies
  • Basic computer knowledge

    Course Syllabus

  • Intraoducation to Blockchain
  • Why is Blockchain better than traditional technologies?
  • Features and benifits of Blockchain Technology
  • How Bitcoin & Blochchain related?
  • Ethereum & Smart Contracts
  • Types of Blockchain
  • How are transactions executed on Blockchain
  • When to use Blockchain?
  • What is Mining?
  • Who are miners and what does they do?
  • How secure is Blockchain?
  • Possibilities of Blockchain being hacked
  • Different Blockchain technologies
  • Blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS)
  • Blockchain use cases
  • Pratical - Creating a simple Blockchain